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Catalog Number: SEHD364000LIA4
Frame Type: SEHD
Amperage: 4000
Poles: 3
Voltage: 600

Certified green
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Catalog Number: SEHD364000LIA4 Category: Brands: .

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Square D, SE Series, Type SEHD, 3P, 3PH, 4000A, 600V, Manually-Operated, Insulated Case Circuit Breakers, Complete with Micrologic Series B Trip Device, High Interrupting Rating: 100kA@480VAC, Draw-Out Connection, LI-Long-Time Instantaneous Trip Function, Solid-State Protection, 4000A Sensor Rating, Rating Plug Installed: ARP100, Factory-Installed Auxiliary/Alarm Switch Combinations: Auxiliary Switches with Bell Alarms-2A2B with 1 NO/NC, AC Rated Auxiliary Switches, SVBC, Weight: 200 lbs/90.718 kg, Dimensions: 13.96 in H x 18.32 in W x 18.84 in D, From Square D, SVBC

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Certified Green, Guaranteed New

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